"High Profile Suspects"... With No Profile

The two company directors, who were further remanded on last Friday to facilitate the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) investigation into the allegation of falsifying claims on a ‘Jiwa Murni’ rural road project worth RM800 million, have been released on MACC bail.

The two company director’s release were confirmed by the duo’s counsels Shankar Ram, who represents the 44-year-old suspect, and Albert Tang, who represents the 42-year-old suspect.

“My client is released and we record our appreciation to MACC in their handling of the matter done professionally and my appreciation to learned DPP (deputy public prosecutor) S. Thangavelu and his team,” said Shankar when contacted by The Borneo Post here today.

Tang, when contacted said: “SPRM (MACC) released both suspects and court made an order of release.”

Both Shankar and Tang said their clients were released on MACC bail.

The two high profile suspects, with the ‘Datuk’ title, were placed on a two-day remand following their arrest in a special MACC operation here on last Tuesday.

Our comment

The management of this case becomes more sinister and totalitarian by the day.

The two ‘anonymous Datuk Businessmen’ have now been released on unspecified bail!

Not only are the toady Sarawak press keeping silent about who they are, but so is the entire Malaysian media it would seem.

The MACC it would appear are now empowered to go round arresting people without the information being released, holding them on unspecified bail. Who next and who will know if they disappear completely?

Or should this be regarded as special treatment for anonymous VVVVVVIPs suspected of lowly corruption? In which case, Najib, Rosmah, Musa and Zahid (and a score of other UMNO types and indeed thousands of Malaysian citizens) have cause for complaint that they could not also avail themselves of such secrecy.

Such gross abuse of due process can only have been ordered at the highest levels by this back-door government, which on the one hand has postured as piously ‘anti-corruption’ and yet on the other broken the fundamental rules of the constitution time and again to stay in office.

Everyone knows who these men are. What seems clear is their arrest is being used as a threat and blackmail against other targets of those abusers of power from on high for political purposes.

The law is not a weapon to be selectively applied or abused for retribution and revenge.  This is no way to run a government and this frog administration is proving itself a danger to the fundamental freedoms and way of life in Malaysia just like that of Najib Razak.

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