Muhyiddin Calls Sabah A "Poor State"

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin today urged Sabahan voters to stick with the parties that hold federal power today.

Stressing that Sabah is a poor state, he said the people need an administration that has a close relationship with Putrajaya in order to solve their economic and development woes.

“Covid-19 is not over. And it’s not just that. The effect of this problem is the collapse of our country’s economy.

“One of the states that have it the worse is Sabah. Although Sabah had been a poor state before this, Covid-19 has landed more of its people in poverty.

That is why I want to say that simply forming a state government won’t solve all problems. The state government also needs support from, and have a close relationship, with the federal government,” said Muhyiddin.

Our comment

Correction: Sabah is not a poor but exceedingly rich state.

On the other hand most of its indigenous people are poor because the political parties that dominated in Malaysia, of which this ‘PM8′ has been a member for all but a fraction of his career, have stolen the riches from them.

Is this a recommendation to keep voting for these parties, particularly since the coalition which ‘PM8′ now leads barely holds power and has no majority and only exists because he ‘frogged’ in defiance of the electorate and his own promises?

‘PM8′ has attempted a well-worn line of blackmail used over the years by BN/UMNO/PN which is to warn that to vote for the opposition to the federal government will invite punishment and restricted funds. He indicates that Sabahans should therefore cower and be obedient like dogs in hope of scraps from the plunder of their own resources.

Perhaps, instead, it is time the people of this state showed their teeth and challenged those in federal government to show why they deserve Sabah’s vote by supporting the party that offers programmes for the people?

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