How To Square A Circle In The Case of Dr M?

Pejuang and Warisan have denied allegations that their parties will cooperate with Bersatu and Perikatan Nasional.

Both parties issued separate statements following an article published by Sarawak Report yesterday which speculated that Pejuang and Bersatu founder Dr Mahathir Mohamad would be appointed as leader of the PN government’s recovery plan.

In a statement today, Pejuang information chief Ulya Aqamah Husamudin said Mahathir has “repeatedly” rejected allegations that he would cooperate with PN.

“If Pejuang wants to work with Bersatu and PN, we need not work so hard to get our party approved; we can just return to our old party (Bersatu),” said Ulya.


Our comment

You cannot have your cake and eat it….. even if aged 96.

Dr Mahathir makes no secret of his burning desire to head a National Recovery Council that would effectively take over the management of the country if it was put in place.

Sources have told SR he would be happy to forget being prime minister if so appointed – after all the prime minister would be himself forgotten. As one has told SR:

“Tun M is just keen to set up our own National Recovery Council to reset and rebuild our country. Seriously, we are not keen for premierships and so forth. We just want to resolve [the] current predicaments of the people. Anwar can never become the prime minister of Malaysia.  Nobody wants him and Anwar is irrelevant now”

However, to achieve such status Dr M would need to be appointed and to accept the right of whoever appointed him to make such an appointment – i.e, he would have to acknowledge the authority of the government of the day.

So, unless he is planning to finally come back with his four man party and support PH (and fulfil his election pledge to hand over to the leader of PKR as agreed in the PH manifesto) that means accepting PN’s position office as the entity that appoints him.

Which will it be?

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