ZeFool Should Better Stay Silent

Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz has said assessments that Malaysia was tumbling into a failed statehood were unfair.

Among others, he dismissed the white flag campaign as being a signal that the country was faltering.

“I am sure that many social and political scientists are as baffled as I am by how a single community-care campaign – and perhaps also social media conversations – on helping those in need can be equated with impending failed statehood,” he said in an editorial piece for Singapore’s Strait Times.

The white flag campaign urges those in dire need of help to put up a white flag to signal to others that they require aid.



Our comment

Of course, this unelected royal buddy has never understood hunger or poverty and so doubtless fails to understand that in the eyes of the wider population a failure to ensure access to the life-sustaining basics represents failure by a state towards its people.

Doubtless he has ‘indicators’ learnt from banking. However, his investors understand that a starving and disaffected population led by a bunch of corrupted headless chickens makes for an unstable prospect.

So even he should realise that his is a failed government both in the eyes of the people and in the eyes for the world, therefore it would be better to keep his pouty lips zipped rather than arguing the toss about the level to which he has dragged his country down.

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