Let's Get Rid Of Democracy

The Pahang state assembly has approved a constitutional amendment that would allow up to five people to become state legislators by appointment instead of being voted into office.

This prompted the opposition to stage a walk-out in protest.

Under the Laws of the Constitution of Pahang (Second Part) (Amendment) Bill 2020, a person can be appointed as a Pahang state assembly member if the motion for the appointment is supported by seven assemblypersons and is approved by a simple majority.

 It states no more than five members of the state legislative assembly may be appointed in this manner.

The amendment bill was approved with 33 votes in favour of the new measure.

For the record, there are currently 42 seats in the state legislature, of which 25 are controlled by BN and another eight by PAS. The eight opposition representatives present had walked-out of the session.

Our comment

Let us be under no illusions: the present situation with UMNO is that it is under the thrall of PAS, which has been the tail wagging this Muafakat Nasional dog ever since the two former political enemies joined hands following their rejection by the electorate at GE14.

Likewise, it is no secret that the concept of democracy, namely the rule of the people and one person one vote, is of little interests to this bunch of fanatical fundamentalists, who think they should have sole charge and should rule as they like – preaching obedience and humble living to the people whilst practicing luxury for themselves.

So, it comes as little surprise that the alliance in Pahang has been doing as much as it can to undermine and suppress democracy in the state and to put their own place-men into what should be elected positions only.

They want a stranglehold over government and do not wish to be inconvenienced by democracy. They are good authoritarians who will pave the way to even worse corruption as an inevitable consequence of releasing themselves from the danger of accountability.

Whether their outrageous attempt to subvert democracy by replacing the elected chamber with place-men can possibly be permitted under the constitution, which enshrines Malaysia’s commitment to democracy, is a different matter that should be explored.

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