No Salary/Remunerations? Serving on PAC Waste of Time!

Willie claimed that he was removed from the PAC because he was determined to tell the truth.

“I don’t regret being removed from PAC as that post is without salary and remunerations, but what I regret the most is we are (I was then) from reform party, who advocate justice, fight kleptocracy, talk about transparency and accountability and yet we don’t practice what being preached,” said Willie in his post.

Najib shared Willie’s post, saying it was an example of how Pakatan Harapan had made false allegations against him and BN.

“Up to now Guan Eng has escaped action after he lied to the Dewan Rakyat that I have robbed RM19.2 billion of GST money,” said the ex-premier.

Our comment

Was ever a more self-revealing statement made than this by the winsome Willie Mongin?

Why waste time on the hard slog of auditing the government on behalf of the people for NO EXTRA PAY when you can betray your voters, hop parties and pick up a fat extra salary and a fancy car by supporting a Malay supremacist bunch of kleptocrats?

Wong Chen, who says he has been libelled by Willie, points out this young parvenue barely opened his mouth during the PAC hearings, yet is now complaining he was removed.

But, from Willie’s perspective why bother to open your mouth if you are not paid extra for what comes out?  His MP salary is only for him to sit there surely?

To be fair to the doe-eyed Azmin groupie it is more than probable that he kept silent because he had nothing sensible to say and understood little of what was going on.

After all, his type expect to be told what to do and be paid for it.

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