Riza's Empty Deal - More Revelations!

“There will not be a review of Riza’s matter before a High Court judge,” the court official said, adding that Shaharudin’s letter seeking a review had been sent to Zaini on Wednesday evening.

…. Lawyer A Srimurugan said the judge was not obliged to give a reason for his decision.

“But according to the facts of Riza’s case, the accused was only given a DNNA provided that he fulfilled his side of the agreement, failing which the prosecution could charge him for the same offence,” he said.

On May 14, Sessions Court judge Azman Ahmad allowed the application after ad hoc prosecutor Gopal Sri Ram told the court that Putrajaya would receive a substantial sum from Riza, running into several million ringgit.

He said steps would be taken to ensure that Riza, who is the stepson of ex-prime minister Najib Razak, would only be given a full acquittal upon satisfactory completion of the agreement.


Our comment

Stern words from Malaysia’s prosecutors!

Riza is NOT yet discharged and will only be so upon satisfactory completion of the agreement to return the monies specified in his cosy deal, they thunder.

Except. We now know from the AG himself that it is the US Department of Justice who has the possession of these $108m worth of assets, so they are not Riza’s to give!

What Sarawak Report suggests needs now to be clarified by the AG’s office and the PM8 government is whether the money from these assets already formed part of the initial repayment of $300 million released by the US Department of Justice at the specific request of ‘PM8′ just last month? (a breaking of the department’s own rules regarding return of assets to kleptocrat governments).

If so, this whole process of releasing Riza is further revealed to be merely a grand facade. He is being let off on the condition he returns stolen money he no longer has possession of and which is likely to be revealed as money already returned by the US to Malaysia!

In fact, the real condition of this empty deal appears to be that Riza must let Malaysia KEEP the money it has already seized back from him, rather than surrendering the rest of his loot which is double that amount!

Meanwhile, Najib’s camp have started again barking about non-starter accusations about a house purchase by former finance minister Guan Eng, as if it began to mirror the outrageous level of theft and nepotism currently once more on display by this Crook Coup Coalition.

What Najib’s lawyer Mr Shafee is trying to deflect attention from, of course, is the pile of new ‘quick deals’ he has shoved on the desk of the increasingly shaky ‘PM8′ for his clients, Najib and Rosmah…. and indeed himself.

It is an art to be so sanctimonious and accusatory of others when one’s own record stinks to the skies above. Shafee Abdullah gets the gold prize in that department.

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