Now Let's Hear about MALAYSIAN Unity? - TALKBACK

Among the demands from the congress is for main positions within the government to only be filled by Malay-Muslims, such as the prime minister, deputy prime minister, menteri besar and chief ministers as well as important ministries such as finance, education, defence and home affairs.

They also want the government to only appoint Malay-Muslims to top positions within the government such as the chief justice, attorney-general, secretary-general to the government, inspector-general of police, chief of defence forces and others…

The congress also wants the government to pressure Suhakam, Malaysian Bar, liberal NGOs and other such bodies from intervening in Islamic affairs under the guise of human rights, he said…

Any “outside influences” which spreads deviant ideologies or lifestyles against Islam should be barred from entering the country, he [Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) counsellor Muhammad Za’im Rosli] added…

Meanwhile, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) student Muhammad Syafiq Jebat who presented the economic cluster, urged for various policies prioritising the Malays.

This is to narrow the economic gap between the Malay and other races, he said.

Our comment

It was sad to see a supposed cultural celebration for Malays hijacked by a bunch of political humbugs seeking to disguise a record of theft and abuse of power.

If these issuers of demands for superior status abided by just a few of their own proclaimed principles then there would be no problems of poverty in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, for the sake of the country’s independent future the next efforts should be for all sides to work to celebrate Malaysian Unity – a unity that seeks to respect and uplift all Malaysians, including the most impoverished, who are mostly the indigenous peoples and East Malaysian peoples whose resources have contributed so much to the prosperity of the nation and the lives of urban dwellers.

Bigotted and divisive politics will weaken, corrupt and endanger the country once again. In 2018 it escaped by a whisker total economic catastrophe and resulting subjugation to a nearby super-power with strategic ambitions trampling on its independence, thanks to just such humbug thievery.

Nothing dignified about that.

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