Parachute Plan Unfolds - Blame PH!

The representation letter was first sent to Thomas on Nov 18 last year by Riza’s lawyers Scivetti & Associates, listing the proposed settlements.

Thomas’ note to DPP Sri Ram

Thomas, referring to the letter, had then written to senior deputy public prosecutor Gopal Sri Ram:

“In the light of the statements in paragraphs 5.10, 5.14, 5.15. 5.18 and 5.19, I am prepared to consider this negotiations. Paragraphs 5.20 contained their terms of a proposed settlement. I await your advice,” he wrote.

Thomas however added he was not convinced that Riza would be a “good prosecution witness against his father”.

Yesterday, Sri Ram indicated that Riza could testify for the prosecution in the 1MDB trial involving the latter’s stepfather Najib Razak.

Our comment

With this carefully leaked ‘information’ to FMT the schemers behind Malaysia’s planned mass jail break of UMNO kleptocrats have doubly insulted the former AG by implying he is a low grade speaker of the English language.

Tommy Thomas is more than proficient, yet he is quoted as saying “I am prepared to consider this negotiations”. Such bad grammar tends to be the give-away for a Nigerian email fraud or indeed an UMNO cyber-trooper.

So, why not publish these documents and why not spell out exactly what paragraphs 5.10, 5.14, 5.15. 5.18 and 5.19 actually said if the paper has been made privy to so much information?

Or perhaps ask Riza’s lawyer, who is none other than the svelte, sparsely attired, bottle blond Italian wife of Shafee Abdullah (himself charged with taking 1MDB millions) Tania Scivetti?

Shafee has his own clutch of big name clients lining up behind wife Tania’s Riza, including Riza’s Mum and Dad who hope to parachute next out of the same loophole.

The plea papers are already on the new AG’s desk. All they want is to pin the whole blame on the previous AG and government by claiming they somehow opened the floodgates before PN came to power.

They want to claim that now that Riza has been ‘given a deal’ (thanks they allege to their predecessors) Najib and Rosmah and all the others must be equally let off the hook for nothing (canes and years in jail being only reserved for petty thieves who take from hunger).

This is despite the fact that NOTHING quoted by the FMT in its anonymous exclusive indicates that Tommy Thomas signed off on the ‘plea bargain’ request. Quite the opposite, their evidence says he would consider it and wanted to be further briefed.

Therefore, someone has misinformed the present AG who was told his predecessor signed off the deal.

Malaysia’s PH government were certainly at fault in one respect in the handling of these cases – for seeking to be fair and honourable and bending further than they needed when dealing with mafia politicians and their flunkeys. For a start, Shafee ought to have been disbarred and thrown off Najib’s case and sent immediately to trial.

The Malaysian Godfathers’ second series is now well under way…..

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