The Numbers Are Deadly For PN's Coup Masters

“Pakatan Harapan Plus” has a total of 107 parliament seats in its hands, says PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim today.

The opposition chief revealed this during a Facebook Live session this afternoon, where he touched on yesterday’s meeting between Harapan component party leaders and their allies, namely the Bersatu faction loyal to former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Warisan under Sabah Chief Minister Shafie Apdal.

“We got together and reached an agreement. (That) whatever strategy we use, we must stay together. The opposition must stand firm on its principles.

“Now we have 107 (seats) in this group (Harapan Plus), and we will move forward as a team to ensure that the people’s mandate is respected, and all the ‘kebobrokan‘ (damages), chaos, and corruption are put to a stop,” he said.

Our comment

Back in February the coup conspirators openly bragged that once they had the mandate they could ‘buy over’ the rest of parliament, just like they could ‘buy over’ local state assemblies.

And boy, did they set to work!

Throughout the pandemic Malaysia has been treated to a grotesque revival tour showcasing the worst of BN’s corrupted and disgraceful ‘money politics’, combined with high-handed hypocrisy, bullying, lawlessness and treachery.

But, where are we now?  Having stretched their elastic to the fullest extent PN can muster at most an alleged and untested 113 MPs, but only by including Sarawak GPS, who have pledged to support the majority coalition and are yet to formally join PN.  And, of course, GPS are bleeding support amongst local Dayaks as they face state elections whilst part of a Malay Muslim Supremacist coalition.

Meanwhile, PH has declared a united front with a core support of 107. That makes them the majority core coalition by far, given that PN can only muster 96 out of a rag tag of some 13 separate and competing parties.

As ‘Bosku’ Najib has himself said, that is an insufficient and unstable margin to run a government – and the core coalition is in the minority.

Everyone can see why the only people PN are not now letting back to work, despite passing no less than four vast un-legitimised and unsupervised budgets, are the MPs in Parliament who could boot them out.

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