They Just Don't Get It

Padang Rengas MP Nazri Aziz will be flying abroad to help his son enrol in a school overseas, but he will be back in time for Parliament when it reconvenes.

The Umno man said he obtained the necessary visa from the proper channels and was given clearance by the immigration department.

Though unsure when exactly he will be returning, he told FMT that he will return before Parliament sits.

“I’ve got to quarantine for 14 days, so I will fly back at least 15 days before Parliament starts.

“There is nothing wrong. I know someone from Umno was trying to go overseas but couldn’t because he had a court case to settle. But I have clearance,” he said, declining to go further into details about his son.

On reports that he was going on “holiday” for two months, Nazri clarified that he was only joking when he said that.

Malaysiakini reported that Nazri’s son is five years old.

Our comment

People are committing suicide or dying slowly of hunger, many thrown out of house and home by loan sharks, now to be given special status by the odious Zuraida.

Others are cashing in more of their pensions, on the special advice and permission of a Government that refuses to support them properly, but has spent billions on vaccines that appear to have gone AWOL.

Meanwhile, this fully vaccinated minister (who is of course free of any Parliamentary duties on the excuse of this emergency) plans to head off abroad away from all the misery and tedious suffering to escort his five year old to enrol in a foreign school (just as the long school break begins?).

In normal times one would ask what is wrong with the schools provided by this man’s own government for everybody else that he should spend a fortune sending him abroad aged five? One still asks it.

The country may be on its knees but the pampered panjandrums of this present government continue to manage to find ways to outrage and incense the people further by acts such as this one and the gross insensitivity and selfishness involved.

The Nazri family are setting off abroad (first class naturally) just after this politician threw the political scene into further chaos by openly admitting how he has been playing all sides to his own advantage and splitting his party in the process. No thought to the need for a working government supported by the majority at the election, just good old-fashioned selfish opportunism by a wealthy warlord.

As the political stalemate Nazri has helped to create deepens, ordinary Malaysians remain kettled in their homes, unable to provide for their own families, whilst the fires of infection are being simultaneously stoked by the passes given by this same regime to factories and businesses that are making money for their pals.

That’s also annoying – nay infuriating for all but the ruling elite who have themselves taken no notice whatsoever it would seem of the rules they have imposed on everybody else.

Everyone knows the rate of infections and even deaths are clearly far in excess of what is being reported, yet PN are playing a juggling act allowing just enough bad news to let them carry on with locking up the people and preventing Parliament, whilst keeping secret the full extent of their appalling failure to control the virus.

The last thing that anyone in this government, least of all Nazri Aziz, appears to be thinking about is how to gain control of this pandemic and how to return life and liberty to the people of Malaysia. They have more important things to think about – themselves.

Nazri has his vaccinations and private plans to be getting on with – including settling this latest offspring into some other country to enjoy his life and take care of Daddy’s investments in.

Certainly, as he knows better than most, plundered and ruined Malaysia will be no place in years to come for the son of a rich political profiteer to enjoy.

PN has seen to that.

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