Trust Is Not Currency For Hishamuddin Hussein

In 2018, then BN secretary-general Nazri Abdul Aziz reached out to PKR president Anwar Ibrahim and pledged Umno’s support if the latter would guarantee the party is not dissolved once he becomes prime minister.

Nazri – who is now vocally against Umno working with Anwar – said his manoeuvrings at the time was necessary to ensure his party’s survival.

“At the time, I felt I needed to be close to the next PM, and then coax him not to dissolve Umno.

“Because (then prime minister) Dr Mahathir Mohamad was set on dissolving us,”..

Now back in government, Nazri said Umno was no longer under threat, and hence did not need Anwar anymore…

This stance had motivated him to turn against Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi – whom he believed was still trying to align the party with Anwar.

Nazri said 25 out of 42 BN lawmakers have signed a declaration pledging support for Sembrong MP Hishammuddin Hussein as their spokesperson.

This is as Nazri did not trust Zahid represented the party truthfully during his meeting with the king earlier this month.

“I trust Hishammuddin to tell the truth that we don’t support Anwar or DAP,” he added

Our comment

Nazri makes no bones about it. He himself (in true UMNO fashion) is openly untrustworthy and sees no problem with deceiving and lying to promote his own ends.

Yet he trusts his colleague Hishamuddin, he says. The same cousin of the convicted kleptocrat Najib who has schemed with his dear friend Azmin Ali since the day UMNO lost the election to bribe MPs and destabilise his own government.

The sickly Mahiaddin is the temporary puppet but this was always about the dopey Hishamuddin claiming his ‘birthright’.

The problem these fellows have is that they are all so utterly transparent and it is plain for all to see than none of them have a moral fibre in their bodies or the least care for the nation of people they are supposed to be pledged to serve.

What facades of purpose and patriotism they might once have hid behind as they pursued their selfish ends have now utterly fallen away with the disastrous gold rush that PN has represented. Raping a country in the midst of the pandemic.

Were members of UMNO or the nation to adopt this band of openly dishonest and self-serving rascals the consequences are plain for all to see.

Hunger, poverty and oppression would eventually be followed by a sell-out to Hishamuddin’s ‘Chinese Uncles’ at a price suitable to keep him in luxury – to hell with the rest.

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