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Hardworking Police

A statement by the IGP about a “sex video” insists that a vigorous investigation into this well publicised happening is ongoing. In fact he was so emphatic about it all that he might have been speaking about some horrific mass murder or similar outrage rather than an alleged sexual peccadillo which would have passed unnoticed had it not reputedly involved a senior political personality.

Now it seems, according to the IGP, the police IP has been twice to the DPP. From which one can only deduce that it was found either not to disclose any offence or to be lacking in the necessary proof.

The criminalisation of homosexual relations is a leftover from the original Indian Penal Code, later adopted into Malaysian law as the Penal Code.  It is one of the functions of a government to keep under review the currency of criminal behaviour and this is certainly a law that could do with reviewing. If only to stop criminal elements like former PM Najib using it, with judicial assistance, to imprison his political rivals and opponents.

But to return to the PDRM. Though they deserve credit for diligent working is this case really one about which they should be boasting?  Surely they have more serious crime that needs urgent investigation?  Such as massive corruption in Sarawak. A review of how Police time is being  spent might produce some useful results.

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