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A 'Repentant' Thief

Making one of his meaningless pronouncements arch thief and Prime Minister Najib announced that rights under the 1963 Malaysia Agreement “unintentionally” taken from Sarawak by Putrajaya could be discussed between them.

“Unintentionally”! How does one take something unintentionally? Not a shoe from a cupboard, or a baju from an almeirah or a spoonful of rice. But rather the whole natural resources of Sarawak. Some un-intention!

In fact, as everyone knows the oil and other resources of Sarawak were handed over by criminal Sarawak politicians in return for the right to cut down and sell the entire forest cover of the State. PROVIDED, and this happened, that State elections would be “fixed” to provide Najib and his predecessors with votes in the Federal Parliament.

Leaving “unintentional” to one side for a moment why this apparent volte face by BN? Could it be because Najib’s private polling gives BN around 30% of the vote in the next elections? No way to fix that even by buying defectors, as he hopes to do. So Sarawak must be sweetened and if a few false promises are what it takes they come cheap.

Who seriously believes that Kula Lumpur would give back to Sarawak, and Sabah, the rights to their natural resources? It would be a financial impossibility and even fancy loans from Beijing could not begin to fill such a gap.

Therefore Najib is, once again, proving himself to be an unprincipled liar in addition to being a mega thief. There is only one place suitable for him and that is a cell at Sg. Buloh.

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