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To Spite The Face

When one has millions, if not billions, stashed in Singapore banks it is unwise, to say the least, to try to reverse a judgment giving Singapore sovereignty over the island of Pedra Branca. Yet Malaysia is doing just that. Having lost its claim back in 2008 it is now attempting to reverse that decision.

How stupid can Najib get? In the face of his frantic pleas to Singapore to bury the 1MDB probe now in progress in the island State and hardly veiled threats to cut off the water supply from the Johor river, how stupid can he get? The attempt to re-open the Pedra Branca case can only be qualified as attempted suicide.

Everyone knows that if mega thief fatso Jho Low is prosecuted in Singapore not only does he risk being in jail there for very many years but he will certainly give up his boss Najib in an attempt to get a lighter sentence. So far Jho has not been proceeded against by the relevant Singapore authorities who can claim, for the present, still to be investigating the full extent of money laundering and other crimes committed in their territory by Najib, Jho Low and others.

But there is a time limit to that and retribution cannot be staved off for ever; especially as Singapore has its vastly profitable financial industry to safeguard as trustworthy and free from infection by launderers.

So carry on Najib, cutting your own throat.

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