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A Role For Royalty

When the constitution was founded it was Malaysia would be a kingdom and its headship would do the rounds of  the Rulers.  Merdeka was not to become the signal for the extinction of inherited aristocratic position and privilege.

As in Britain the King would have no real power save for one thing. He would have the right to dismiss Parliament for good reason. Well, no better reason can exist than the one that exists now, when a mad dictator and proven major criminal has hijacked power and is stealing every penny of public money that he can lay hands on.No one lives for ever and all criminal enterprises eventually fail.  Najib will be no exception to this rile but the longer he is allowed to rape the country the lower it will fall in the estimation of the rest f the world

This is not fantasy. It is fact and all Malaysians know it even if many, for communal or personal reasons choose to ignore it. The opinion of a few international bankers and craven, corrupt politicians will carry no weight. Malaysia will simply be classed as another Zimbabwe, a nation of cowards ruled by a madman.

In the past countries with an acknowleged aristocracy looked to it for a lead.  Status and privilege carried with them the duty to act responsibly. That is exactly where Malaysia finds itself today. There can be no expectation that the Malay political class, bought and paid for, will intervene to unseat Najib. Thy have neither the incentive nor the courage.

If Malaysia is to escape the long nightmare of a descent into bankruptcy and political slavery there must be an intervention now.  The day of the gunboat is long gone but a twentyfirst century equivalent exists.  The Agong has to the power to remove Najib and let the people choose their next political leader.  Naturally to do so he must have cause. Who can contend that cause and more than cause is lacking?   A Prime Minister who has stolen billions of public funds and escapes prosecution only because he has filled all the judicial, administrative and law enfrcement ranks with paid for yes men.

There have been recent signs that some members of Malaysian Royalty are discontented with the current situation, even if the Agong himself has so far turned a deaf ear to calls for him to use his constitutional powers to send the thief Njib back to the electorate.  His fellows should now be thinking carefully about the future,

One day, sooner or later, Najib will be gone and constitutional reform will ensure that another Najib cannot appear in future.  Will inherited privilege and position survive such reform?  Only a hopeless dreamer could expect it.

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