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A shy, retiring copper?

No one should be surprised that, in the light of recent public revelations about police criminal activity, the Twitter King, IGP Khalid announced that he would retire in September, as scheduled.

Arch criminal Najib has frequently announced that Khalid’s term in office would be extended. No surprise there. Khalid kept him out of prison over theft of SRC funds and has protected all his criminal actions with 1 MDB and otherwise.

It had been assumed, from the tacit silence of Khalid, that he agreed to stay on in his role of accomplice in Najib’s criminal activities. Maybe the recent publicity around police corruption involving both Khalid himself and many other police officers has changed Khalid’s mind about running away before it is too late.

He should not harbour any illusions. He will be tried for his crimes. His illegally obtained funds will be seized and if he seeks safety by running away he will be brought back and tried, So he can look forward to a pauper’s old age in a prison cell.

His departure raises interesting questions for the Police Service Commission. Its members cannot be unaware of Khalid’s activities even if they have so far seen fit to look the other way in their disciplinary role. So if, by retirement, Khalid leaves a vacancy for the post of IGP how to fill it?

If the members of the Commission have any regard for their role they cannot consider any of the senior officers now serving under Khalid and both privy to and ignoring his crimes. Indeed they should be taking action against all such senior officers for neglect of duty and conniving at criminal activity.

So what will they do? Connive once again and face prosecution by the next government or do the job they are both paid to do and required constitutionally to discharge. The latter would probably mean promoting an officer now in the rank of ACP or lower in order to be sure of finding an honest and competent replacement for Khalid, Those now in more senior ranks have publicly proved themselves at best incompetent and at worst accomplices in crime. Either way they cannot head the PDRM.

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