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At the opening of a long and terminally boring interview given to a paper called ”The Malaysian Insight” Culture Minster Nazri makes the first in an interminable series of stupid statements when he claims that the US DOJ suit is “an American political ploy”.

Most people in the States have not even heard of the existence of Malaysia and those who do know it to be a small corrupt dictatorship in Asia run by a mega criminal backed by a flock of political sheep; of whom Nazri is an outstanding example.

The DOJ have acted because various Malaysian crooks, headed by Malaysian Official 1, Prime Minister Najib, have used stolen billions of Malaysian public money to launder them within the jurisdiction of the USA. Whatever the criminal law of Malaysia permits (and an ex- Law Minister ought to know that) the criminal law of the US does not. Hence the action.

Ignoring the previous public statement by fellow Minister Rahman Dahlan that Malaysian Official 1 is the Prime Minister Nazri ludicrously claims that this is not so. But was unable to identify this villain. Not himself surely?

The whole of his long and turgid interview was devoted to trying to explain away Najib’s crimes with a plethora of imaginary Saudi royals and the “duty” of an UMNO chairman to provide the money to buy general elections. What about the pink diamonds? What about the stolen SRC money? What about the fact that everything that happened at 1MDB needed Najib’s written approval?

One could pose a host of other unanswerable questions to this pathetically poor liar but that would be a waste of time. He convicts himself out of his own mouth.

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