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Three Blind Monkeys.

Are well known, See nothing, hear nothing, do nothing. In Malaysia they actually have names. First UMNO Vice President and hopeful replacement for arch crook Najib, Hishamuddin.

His latest outburst started with a claim that “anyone can be Malaysian Official 1” named in the US DOJ suit. Is he unaware that long ago his ministerial colleague Rahman Dahlan publicly identified arch thief Najib as that person? Hish is presumably too stupid or too badly educated to know that where political leaders are implicated in such documents as civil suits courtesy prior to conviction dictates the use of such homonyms.

Not content with displaying ignorance in public this aspirant PM went on to “dare” the US DOJ to press charges. Don’t worry about that Hish. They will. In their criminal courts, not your dummy ones.

Next up the same Rahman Dahlan “dares the DOJ to press charges” Not a wise move, It is the next step in the DOJ process and he might well be among those charged. Perhaps he hopes that a convicted MO1 would leave a vacancy he could fill? Dream on Rahman!

Finally another Hisham, this time son of Hussein and an UMNO MP.

His claim. “that Malay Felda settlers are less concerned with UMNO mega theft and mega thieves than with elephants trampling their crops. While that may be a concern for Felda farmers they should be far more concerned about the huge thefts from Felda committed by UMNO personalities and the non-publication of the report into that (sitting in Najib’s bottom drawer.)

Three blind monkeys indeed!

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