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A Sinking Ship

When the ship is sinking what becomes first priority?  Lifeboats, rafts and life jackets of course. Up until now the sinking ship UMNO has not been seen to have any such life saving equipment.  But happily for all but the inveterate crooks manning the SS UMNO, safety and redemption have arrived in the shape of a new political party where Malays can be at home and guided by the very experienced former Prime Minster; Mahathir.

Better still for those looking to be rescued from the sinking UMNO the new party will ally itself with PKR, DAP and Amanah to form a majority group to which all Malaysians who want a clean future for Malaysia can give their support.

Politics can once more be respectable and untainted by massive, corruption, fraud and theft. Patriotic Malaysians must not miss the opportunity to give their support; and right now. The criminal Najib talks of bringing new laws into force, passed by his corrupt supporters in the Legislative Assemby, under which all freedom in Malaysia would disappear.

Arbitrary arrest. Indefinite detention without trial.  Total censorship. In short all the apparatus of a dictatorship intent on crushing all possible opposition. That done he can resume his thefts of public funds both to enrich himself and many of his corrupt political supporters; relying on the corrupt Attorney General, Police Chief and compliant judges to be his accomplices in crime

The only problem with that is that some, soon to be many, of these supporters will realise that the game is up and that to continue to support Najib is to reserve a place alongside him in prison.

The Constitution gives the Agong the power to dissolve the Legislative Assembly and cause new elections to be held.  So far he has not exercised that power despite mounting evidence of Najib and UMNO’s criminal behaviour.  Now that there is a credible alternative party enjoying support across communal divides and now that the 1MDB Report PROVES criminal conduct by Najib he, the Agong, has no credible alternative to exercising hs constututional power.

To do nothing. To acquiesce in the installation of a dictatorship by the criminal Najib would, if nothing else, sound the death knell for the future of monarchy in Malaysia.

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