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A Tun of evasions

A spokesman in the Prime Minister’s office has issued a lengthy statement which tries to show that there is no evidence that the fat one’s pink diamonds were bought with 1MDB money. He also claims that the DOJ has not demanded their return. Did she tell him that?

How much sophistry is needed to qualify for a Tunship is not a matter of public record but this one certainly seem to have qualified, whatever the benchmark.

The Tun omits to mention that SRC, whose money was used to buy the jewels, is a subsidiary of 1MDB and also fails to admit that arch thief Najib stole from SRC as well as from 1MDB. He also fails to point out that, when he claims that the DOJ has not asked for the return of the diamonds, they only claim what is within their jurisdiction to seize. Malaysia is not, yet, in that jurisdiction.

However the Tun does make one interesting admission. By referring to the diamonds at all he is admitting that the fat one has them and that therefore her husband is MO1. Being a mega thief hiding from the law does not convert one into an innocent and unjustly accused person!

Whatever the reason for this spokesman holding one of the highest honours Malaysia has to offer it cannot have been journalistic or forensic skill. Any trainee barrister or hack journalist could have done a better job.

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