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Politically motivated?

This is loyar burok Apandi’s latest explanation for the US DOJ’s public expose of the 1MDB mega scandals. In which, of course, Apandi himself is implicated by his failure to investigate the matter; choosing instead to rule that no offences were disclosed.

So the exposure of mega thieves is politically motivated? In most countries, though not in today’s Malaysia, such exposure is publicly commendable. In most countries, though not yet in Malaysia, mega thieves go to jail for life and even the ignorant Apandi, as a nominal lawyer, knows that much.

So where is the “political motivation”? Sadly Apandi did not seem to think it necessary to provide evidence to back his contention. Elsewhere in the world public prosecutors need evidence to support their statements. But not in mega thief Najib’s Malaysia it seems.

If there has been any political motivation it has originated in Malaysia itself. Why was Apandi’s predecessor fired overnight? Why did Apandi declare that there was no evidence of wrongdoing at 1 MDB when he held proof of that in his own hands at a press conference he himself called?

Does Apandi suffer from delusions of grandeur? Does he think that anyone in the US justice system cares even one jot about him? To a small extent he is right. If he ever sets foot in the USA he is unlikely to be leaving again anytime soon. Say in 20 years’ time after he gets out of prison for obstructing justice on a mega scale.

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