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A word of warning and caution

To the address of the Governor of the Bank Negara. You will, of course, be aware that, under an award of the London Tribunal of Arbitration, the bankrupt piggy bank of he who appointed you to your present post, 1MDB, has to pay IPIC 600 million US dollars on the 31st. of this month.

As you must equally be aware 1MDB has no money at all, let alone that huge sum and if the payment is missed the ringgit will crash and your bank along with it. So it is entirely possible that Najib will give you a call very soon asking to borrow this inconsiderable sum. Inconsiderable in the context of all his thefts of public funds of all descriptions, 1MDB included.

Leaving to one side the fact that he would not be able to repay such a loan without further thefts of public funds you have to consider your personal position. No such loan could go through without your signature of approval and that would mean that when Najib faces trial, which he will, you could feature as an accomplice.

Not a nice position for a respectable banker to find himself in. And easily avoidable. Just say no. He can’t sack you.

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