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Against natural Justice

Judges of Malaysia’s higher Courts can be assumed to know the rules of natural justice. Why therefore do they continue to abuse them by taking part in appeals by corrupt government lawyers like Attorney General Apandi against acquittals?

No civilized country appeals acquittals. Not guilty means not guilty. It does NOT mean that the State get another bite at the cherry. So no matter what the law of Malaysia may say and no matter if it countenances appeals against convictions these should NEVER be pursued.

Anwar Ibrahim is still serving a sentence imposed by Malaysian courts abusing the principle that acquittal means acquittal. Were such appeals unlawful as well as uncivilized he would be Prime Minister now and Najib and his gang would be in prison; where they rightfully belong.

Malaysia claims to be a democratic State. It has no right to that title while its law permits vindictive political and ethicless judges to re-try and imprison those who have been acquitted in its courts. Perhaps the newly, and illegally, extended Chief Justice can explain?

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