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Is This A Dagger That I See Before Me?

So finally Lady Rosmah Macbeth emerges from the shadows. Not just an overweight spendthrift with an equally overweight ego BUT Lady Eric Tan. Those who have, with reason, thought Najib to be too stupid to have mounted the 1MDB scams can now see that, as always, the figure behind him, manipulating all the strings, is Rosmah!

So much for the “Bugis pirate” and his “royal” pretensions. The nearest he ever got to royalty was his association with one who shirked his public duty and whose family had close connections to fat Rosmah.

Never mind. There are plenty of vacant cells in Malaysia’s prisons which will soon have new occupants.   And not just Malaysian cells. The US have a range of really unpleasant jails to which the worst offenders are sent. Called supermaxes once you are in you stay in and Najib and his associates are booked in for life.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the whole 1MDB scam(s) is how amateurish they were. Demonstrating perhaps the contempt in which Najib, Rosmah, Jho and others held the Malaysian police and justice system. They felt sure that if, by any chance, something did leak out their corrupt lawyers, like Apandi, and their equally corrupt police officers, like Khalid would smother it all.

Unhappily for them their stooges turned out to be as stupid as they themselves! Apandi with his waved proofs of Najib’s guilt and Khalid with his gross breach of duty and the criminal law in warning Najib that the warrant was coming. These two are prominent examples of the den of thieves temporarily in charge of Malaysia. It is up to Malaysians themselves to act ENOUGH. TOO MUCH.

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