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Achilles Heel

Many Malaysians, too many, assume that because the mega thief Najib stole the last general election that he is the legitimate Prime Minister. He is NOT. As he stole billions of dollars from ordinary Malaysians he also stole the authority that has allowed him, so far, to get away with his crimes.

Now, it seems, he is hoping to cover up his crimes by calling a fresh election which he intends, again, to steal. He can only hope to do that if the rural Malay electorate goes on shutting their eyes to his crimes and, unhappily, taking his bribes to go on looking the other way.

He even has the gall to deny that he ever met the murdered Mongolian girl, Altantuya, despite her having been part of the Malaysian delegation which negotiated the purchase of the, French, un-submersible submarines and from which deal Najib took a huge personal bribe. Had he known her, he has just said in public, his wife would have done something about it. How true. She did. She ordered him to do away with the unfortunate young woman and to destroy the evidence with military high explosive. As Defence Minister at the time Najib was both able and happy to carry out those orders.

That alone, let aside his massive thefts of your money, should be enough for you to discard him at election time, whether it comes this year or next. It is a simple choice. Vote for a murderer because he is the UMNO nominee or vote for an honest member of your own community. No one seriously doubts that the next Prime Minister will come from themajority Malay community. But it does not have to be the criminal Najib, nor any of his boot licking, bribe taking Ministers.

There is a huge mess to clear up. Vast debts to settle. Many, many crimes to investigate and prosecute. A new prison building programme perhaps. But that is the future, like it or not. The ringgit is sinking out of sight and there is nothing Najib or his puppets at the Bank Negara can do about it. Do you want to see prices in the shops rise beyond your ability to pay? Because that is what is going to happen. Your savings will become worthless. Your old age penniless because he and his friends have stolen your pension fund contributions. They have even stolen the Tabung Haji money you hoped would allow you to make the pilgrimage one day.

Wake up Malaysians. The penchuri2 are already in the house. They have already stolen much of your money. Will you really vote to allow them to steal the rest?

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