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Letter To A Malay Voter

Selamat pagi Tuan,

You are a Malay. You have always voted for UMNO. Because it is the party of the Malays? Because the Malay community is in majority in Malaysia and UMNO has always told you that it represents the interests of the Malay community?

That may well have been the truth in the past In the time of the Tunku, and those who followed him as Prime Minister. But it’s not true any more and this letter will tell you why.

UMNO has always been a top down party. Its leaders make policy, tell you what that is and ask for your votes in support of it. Nothing wrong with that. It’s what happens in most democracies. After all if the leaders get it wrong, or do wrong you can always get rid of them. Right? Wrong!

When was the last genuine internal UMNO election in your area that wasn’t controlled from the top? When, even, did your local UMNO representative tell you what is going on in the party and why? You don’t remember? Not surprising. The past is another country.

But even you and your friends and neighbours in the kampong have heard about the 1MDB scandal? Learned that billions, yes billions, of ringgit of public money have been stolen from that fund. And from SRC and from KWAP and even, sacriligeous as well as criminal from Tabung Haji. You had hoped to make the pilgrimage one day, as all good Muslims should if they can, You will have to pay your own bills.

Let’s look at this on a kampong scale. Someone in your kampong is stealing from others. Evidence against the thief is found. What happens? You tell the Police. They arrest him and bring him to Court. There, if convicted, he is punished. Justice has been done.

Now look at it on a Putrajaya scale. The Prime Minister is stealing huge sums of pubic money. The evidence is clear and cannot be contradicted. He does not even try. What does he do to avoid arrest? He bribes all those who have the power and the duty to bring him to justice. That means Courts. That means top Police officers. That means Ministers and other UMNO officials. That means the Attorney General.

How, you are entitled to ask, can he do that? Huge sums of money would be needed. Correct! Really vast sums and there is only one place it can come from. Your pocket. Through taxes. Why GST? And from borrowing huge sums of money in the name of the Malaysian people And then stealing it for his own use.

Have you read the report of your own Auditor General? A Malay like yourselves. Its available and shows exactly how Najib stole billions of public money, and then, like a naughty child, tried to cover up his theft by declaring the Report an official secret. If your own child did that what would you think?


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