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An Illegal Regime

By now most Malaysians have realised that the Prime Minister is a mega crook. That the Federal Court, the highest in the country, is headed by an illegally installed Chief justice. That a similar situation exists in the next lower Court, the Court of Appeal, that the former Attorney General was forced out of office at gunpoint and replaced by a lawyer so ignorant, or dishonest, that he “cleared” arch thief Najib of all ofences while holding up in his hand papers proving Najib to be a thief. That the Police Force is headed by a man who, knowing that an application for a warrant of arrest for Najib was to be applied for ran to Najib to inform him so the the Attorney General could be summarily sacked and the application not made. And finally, and regretfully, the Head of State, and his predecessor, both at best looked the other way in doing what arch criminal Najib told them to do.

So where des that leave Malaysia? A failed State where the supreme law, the Constitution is ignored or manipulated to keep a mega criminal in power. That Najib deserves that description is without question. His exposal by the US DOJ is utterly damning and criminal proceedings will occur when they have finished dealing with Najib’s principal accomplice, Jho Low; a process now under way.

Obviously the US would prefer that Malaysia put its own house in order but if it does not the outside powers will do so. Not only that. When the markets see that intervention is imminent the rush to get out of the ringgit will make it virtually worthless. That should remind all those currently and in the past recipients of bribes from Najib to continue supporting him, that what they gained by that will become jamban paper in short order.

The latest ploy by Naib is to ,once again, illegally, force through the extension in office of his head running dog Khaled Abu Bakar whom he needs to cover up the many breaches of the law that he will commit if and when he, Najib, calls an election, or when when the five years of this Parliament expire next year.

To try to cover up the mega scandal in Felda Najib has now caused the arrest of the former Chairman accusing him of responsibility for the enormous losses Felda has suffered. Najib is frantic to find a scapegoat for this since the Felda shareholders are all Malay and were in the past UMNO voters. Though no longer.

In the face of all this it is vital that the people if Malaysia, whom Najib and his accomplices have so enormously robbed, first vote him out of office and then put him, and all,his accomplices, where they belong; in prison.

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