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Between the devil and the deep blue sea

Is where illegal Federal Court judge Raus finds himself. A feeble excuse was offered to explain why no oath taking ceremony happened to validate his appointment as an “additional “ judge of the Federal Court.

How could it when the Chef Justice who is supposed to administer the oath is in office illegally and in contravention of the Constitution. Effectively the Federal Court cannot legally hear cases unless Raus voluntarily excludes himself from every case it has to hear. Even then there would be a respectable argument that the Court itself, due to illegal composition cannot hear cases.

Even if mega thief Najib Razak is prepared to ignore the law and the Constitution, which allows him to be Prime Minister, Raus, as a long time judge, a member of the Malaysian and English bars, has to know he is acting illegally. So why?

Is it for money? For personal pride? To continue to provide to Najib a judge and a court that will do whatever its told to do regardless both of the Constitution and the Laws of Malaysia? What an Alice in Wonderland situation. Soon Raus and the rest will have to wake up and find themselves not in Putrajaya or the Federal Court but in prison. Is that what this apparently stupid or venal judge really wants?

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