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Ankara's Pay Off?


A prominent critic of Turkey’s dictatorial government has been arrested at Kuala Lumpur airport. So far no reason has been given for this strange action.
That is not surprising. Nor is it surprising that no indication of what offence this unfortunate Turkish visitor to “liberal” Malaysia is alleged to have committed.
That, of course, is because his only offence in Malaysia is to have kept on breathing. The reason for his unlawful arrest is simple enough. Turkey is a prime possibility as a safe haven for mega crook Najib to run to when he loses power, or control, in Malaysia.
Turkey, like Malaysia, is ruled by a man who believes strong arm is better than democracy. He is also an Islamist. That makes two reasons why he might give Najib refuge from prosecution. Or allow Najib to think that might happen. In fact, unless President Erdogan wants to scrap his alliance with America and move into Putin’s camp, Najib’s hopes are doomed. It may have to be Zimbabwe after all!
But whatever the future holds Turkey s nit going to look a gift horse in th mouth and this case should serve as a warning to all refugees from oppressive regimes, especially Islamic ones, not to visit Malaysia.

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