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Truth Will Out

Yesterday it emerged in a statement by the boss of Malaysian Airways about the new aircraft for his airline.

It will be recalled that, during his Oval office visit ,arch thief Najib spoke at length about new US made aircraft for Malaysian Airlines. That promise seemed to content President Trump and serve as a justification for receiving a mega criminal, outed as such by Trump’s own Department of Justice.

Now it appears, on the word of Malaysian Airways CEO, that these aircraft will not belong to MAS at all nor will they be  bought with MAS money. In truth they will belong to other airlines and be hired by MAS! Of course Trump does not care. That Boeing should sell aircraft is all he cares about. Not who pays for them.

But the facts behind this deal must have been known before the meeting in the Oval Office took place and both Trump and Najib must have been aware of them. That makes two liars and two politicians who value money over truth.

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