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Only 6 Per Cent

Nab derides voters by jeering at them for complaining about the GST. It’s only 6% he says. Only? Why is this burden on the poor there at all?. If more revenue was needed why did this genius Finance Minister not look at the rich to fill the gap rather than taxing the very poor?

If Najib had to live on the average worker’s monthly income he would soon find a 6% levy a heavy burden. But of course he does not. He lives on the billions he has stolen from his fellow citizens.Cars, jets, diamond necklaces. Whatever luxury he or the hippo want the taxpayer has to provide it THAT is why we complain about the GST.

Now is not  the best time to tell voters that they are stupid or greedy. Within a few months there has to be a general election and no amount of “letters of appointment” can disguise the fact that it will see the end of UMNO and also, unless there are imminent second thoughts,major constitutional reform to adjust governance from the 13th. to the 21st. century.

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