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Does he know anything else?

Arch thief Najib Razak began promoting himself as a fairy godmother by announcing that civil servants and pensioners would soon receive part of a bribe inserted in the 2018 Budget by himself.

Presumably Najib is so mired in corruption that he thinks that bribery will win him votes. Wrong! It will just win him more contempt in the eyes of Malaysians who have seen more than enough evidence that Najib is himself a mega criminal who has stolen billions of public money. Handing out a few ringgit a head to government employees and pensioners will not win him a single vote. As he will find out.

It is a sad commentary on the state of democracy in Malaysia that a corrupt Legislative Assembly, in which not a single government member is ignorant of the fact that the Prime Minister is a mega criminal can legalise the grant of what they all know is an electoral bribe.

The new Assembly will have, among its first tasks, that of ensuring that all who aided and abetted this criminal misuse of public funds go where they belong. In jail.

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