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Better Late Than Never?

A somewhat delayed recognition by the UK’s KL diplomatic representative that PH won the election and are in solid control of Malaysia?

The British High Commissioner issued a statement that the UK would help Malaysia to recover stolen assets but qualified that promise by saying that ownership would have to be proved. There should be no worries on her part about that The mega thefts of Najib Razak, which cannot have been unknown to the High Commission, suppled as it is with representatives of Britain’s internal and external intelligence services, remained unacknowledged until the result of GE 14 was known.

Ambassadors are proverbially sent abroad to lie for their country so Malaysians can be forgiven for taking such promises with a large pinch of salt. The links between the Najib regime and the inheritors of Britain’s colonial investments in Malaysia are well known to all and certainly not secret from official Britain. So Malaysians can expect a whitewashing exercise on a grand scale in which official Britain will play a part.

As observed on another occasion and for a different reason “a period of silence would be welcome”

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