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People Without Shame

Press reports indicate that no less than seven persons have listed themselves as candidates for the vacant position of UMNO President.

It beggars belief that there should be any competition for this position, disgraced as it has been by ex Prime Minister Najib. None of those contending, especially those who were Ministers in the Najib free for all, appear to feel any shame about what has been going on in UMNO since 2009. Perhaps their consciences are as stuffed with excuses as their wallets are with the people’s cash.

It says something for optimism that any of the contenders can feel assured that they will not be following Najib into Sg. Buloh. Misplaced optimism, if it exists.

In brief UMNO is a disgraced entity which should be granted a rapid and decent burial and erased as quickly from the public memory as the money its leaders stole disappeared out of the country.

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