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Bewildered UMNO

Ordinary UMNO members are reported to be asking if Najib is planning to “become PM again” Those posing that question can rightly be described as bewildered. While Najib parades the country proclaiming himself to be Bossku, thanks to the softness of the PH government which should have ensured he awaited his many criminal trials in a cell on remand, he is able to promote his “image” as the boss.

It is not surprising that the reported bewilderment exists. All Malaysia knows what Najib is and that will be confirmed by the courts in due time. Is is really possible that such a person could even think about political leadership and holding office? Even in a Malaysia corrupted by years of misrule and criminal behaviour of the leadership’ One has to hope not!

So the Malay community should be quite clear. Bossku is going away and will not be back any time soon, so if UMNO members think that they have any chance ever of forming a government again they should be looking to cleaning house. A formidable and perhaps impossible task, perhaps attainable only by dissolving the party and starting again with a clean management; if they can find one.
So far as dissolution is concerned it is more than possible that the Registrar of Societies will do that for them

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