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Can't Afford It!

Now it appears, on his own admission, that Sarawak DCM, and perpetual number two, Masing was responsible for sending Sarawak chiefs to KL in military aircraft. He explained that “I can’t afford to send them by commercial flights”

Among other things this makes it clear that the trip was a political freebie for which no public funds were available or legitimate. That did not stop crawler Masing from using political leverage on Malaysia’s military. He claims that he asked for the planes.

That in itself is interesting. To what vote of public expenditure was this very considerable expense charged? Who in the military authorised this and is there any reason why he or she should not be personally surcharged for the full amount?

Will the excuse be that “Najib approved it” ‘If so that should be widely publicised as yet one more example of unauthorised use of public funds by arch criminal Najib.

In accordance with ordinary rules of public funding any unauthorised use of such funds should be surcharged on the person responsible, as well as any other penalties that he may incur. So Masing put your hand in your pocket (your personal pocket please) and repay this improper expense from public funds. Why not take the hat round among those who had the freebie!

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