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Cattle Class

Arch thief Najib’s use of military aircraft to transport native personalities from Sarawak to Kuala Lumpur is offensive on several levels.

In the first place he is openly treating them as second class citizens in not providing them with ordinary civilian air travel facilities.

Secondly he is illegally using funding provided by the taxpayers to support the transport of military personnel when that proves necessary.

Thirdly he is openly demonstrating that, in his view, they deserve no better as part of the privilege of visiting him in KL

Fourthly all and any expense involved in this outing is not a legal charge in public funds as it is a purely political event.

Let the Head of the Armed Forces state publicly who ordered this misuse of his military aircraft and whether he consented to it.

The lady Auditor General should take note if this incident and make a full investigation into this misuse of public funds AND issue a report. Then we will see if thief Najib will classify that too as an “official secret”!

Finally this is a further very public demonstration of Najib’s constant misuse of tax payer provided funds for private political purposes.Yet one more criminal offence to add to his bulging file

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