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Hypocrite as Well as Thief

Najib has just announced that the new welfare organisation of the MACC will be given RM 5 million by him as a grant. The first thing to make clear is that this money will come from the taxpayer NOT from arch thief Najib’s personal pocket.

There is a truly delicious irony about this affair. Here we have the biggest thief and corrupter in Malaysian history “giving” from public funds money to the body that ought to be pursuing him for mega corrupt practice. Do the MACC bosses value their reputation so lightly that they will take this money?

The matter also highlights the parlous state into which the Malaysian public finances have fallen. The PM’s office now officially controls around 50% of total government expenditure. And, worse, it can spend all that public money as it thinks fit without any parliamentary sanction other than a crooked budget passed by the crooked UMNO majority.

There is no point in waiting for the Financial Secretary to query this payment. It should however be queried by the Auditor General. but won’t be as that lady is, in addition to being unqualified for audit duty, a Najib appointee.

Finally will the MACC leadership tamely accept the bribe? Something they exist to prevent and prosecute? Or will the boss follow the lead of the last boss and resign? Don’t hold your breath. Money talks loud and clear in Najib’s Malaysia.

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