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Cats in a bag

Will fight. They do not know where they are but do know that they are in trouble. It seems the same applies to Malaysian government Ministers, both at State and Federal level. In a normal, properly run, administration any such disputes are dealt with privately.

But in Najib’s bolehland these disputes are aired publicly for all the world to hear; like the bagged cats screaming in fear. It is of course yet another sign of a disintegrating administration; nominally led by a man whose mega crimes effectively prevent him from criticising anyone or sacking them.

The issue behind these unseemly public disputes between Najib’s henchmen is a new tourism tax. A country that has invested so heavily in promoting itself as a desirable tourist destination is stupid indeed to impose new taxes that can kill its golden goose.

So why do it? Good question; that remains unanswered. However the reason for all taxes is to allow the government to pay its bills so any new tax should be accompanied by a reason for its institution. Like, for instance, “we have spent all the stolen money and now need more revenue to pay the government’s expenses”

Will Najib now admit to Parliament that his thefts of public money, from 1MDB and elsewhere, are so massive that his government cannot pay its bills? Or does he just want a new revenue stream from which he can steal at will? The taxpayers would like to know.

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