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Expand our revenue base

This is the reason given by Minister Rahman Dahlan for the imposition of the tourism tax. Unfortunately he did not go on to explain why this expansion was necessary.

How could he when the reason is that his boss, arch criminal Najib, has stolen so much government money that there is no longer enough to pay the UMNO government’s commitments.

Clearly UMNO Ministers are as ignorant about the nature of the tourist industry as they are about everything else. Make tourism to Malaysia more expensive and the tourist trade will simply sell cheaper destinations elsewhere. And there is no lack of these in S.E.Asia which have everything, and more, as Malaysia.

Tourists are price conscious. Most of them have to be as they do not have UMNO Ministers’ incomes; official and otherwise. Nor private, taxpayer funded jets to go on holiday in. Nor public funds that they can rob at will to pay for their holidays. No Minister, they really don’t.

The lesson that Malaysian voters should take from all this is that all at the top in UMNO, in addition to being corrupt, are terminally stupid and unfit to run a satay stall; let alone a country. If that were not so they would not utter the stupidities they daily spout to a coerced Press and a controlled media.

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