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Major Overhaul?

Najib running dog Khalid has announced that what he called “a major shake-up” would happen at Bukit Aman after Ramadan. For one brief, joyous, moment Malaysians thought that he was announcing his long overdue departure from Police HQ, prior to taking up new residence: at Sg. Buloh.

Unfortunately although that will certainly happen quite soon, it was not what he was saying. He was, in effect, claiming that some crooks had been detected among his subordinates. One has to assume that there are no mirrors in his office or house as otherwise he would have spotted the biggest offender of them all.

Of course it is disgraceful if any senior police officer has been engaging in crime, as Khalid hinted. Of course such officers should be exposed and prosecuted. But whatever crimes the officer(s) in question may have committed they pale into insignificance beside the list of Khalid’s own.

The responsibility for maintaining Khalid in office falls on the arch fellow criminal Najib but that is only because the Police Service Commission has, for whatever reasons, neglected its duty. They should resign. The next government will boot them out anyway and by resigning now they might retain a shred of respectability and reputation.

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