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Red Light For Najib?

Blood is thicker than water runs the proverb and that COULD be the explanation for the promotion of Hishamuddin to be “special functions” Minister. But only the most naive UMNO supporters will believe that.

Najib does nothing for anyone other than Najib and, under compulsion, for the hippo. So why this move? The obvious answer is that he no longer believes that he can win a general election. In that he is correct. Another answer is that if he loses he can blame the loss on cousin Hish.

There is also the possibility that he has, finally,realised that he is the most unpopular and loathed individual in Malaysia and could no more win an election than be received in Paradise. In that case he will want to be ready to run for it while he still has the authority to order up jets and make departure preparations. Hish could be there to reinforce any Najib orders that are no longer being obeyed.

But, of course, all depends on UMNO winning. Which won’t happen. Najib knows this as well as anyone and may intend to depart before any election result is announced. Hish would be there to issue any necessary orders to allow that to happen. Well if he does that will merely lengthen his stay in the Sg, Buloh resort.

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