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Change of Mind?

Assuming (and it is a big assumption) that IGP Khalid was telling the truth when he announced that mega fool Apandi had told him to re-open enquiries into 1 MDB it has to be asked why when the AG had previously announced that there was nothing wrong at 1MDB and no offences disclosed.

Indeed one has to ask how Apandi could have reached that conclusion when his sole official source of information would have been the police Investigation Paper. So what Apandi was saying then was that the IP disclosed no evidence of any offence! So why ask Bukit Aman to take a further look?

Has he, Apandi, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, finally realized that the DOJ narrative shows beyond any possibility of denial that there is a vast amount if evidence of criminal activity at 1MDB. And, as Apandi knows as well as all the rest of us, nothing could happen at 1MDB without the written approval of MO1, Najib Razak.

So where is this ploy going? Have Najib and Apandi settled on a scapegoat to take all the blame for 1 MDB’ And is the re-opened enquiry designed to get that ready for Court? Always assuming that the unlucky one does not fall off a cliff onto a packet of C4 or into a barrel of cement before the law “can take its course”

That would make selling the lie much easier and avoid any risk of “inconvenient” evidence cropping up at any “show trial”. Then a few lies about how the stolen money had become untraceable and hey presto off to the polls.

Maybe this scenario is correct or maybe there is another in contemplation. It does not really matter which. What does matter is that these two mega crooks should not be allowed to scam their way out of their crimes by a trifling murder or two and a handful of perversions of the course of justice. The real problem that both Najib and Apandi have is that everyone knows they are a pair of mega criminals and no one, even the dedak eaters, believes a word they say.

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