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To go or not to go?

That is the question time expiring Chief Judge Raus must ask himself, if, as reported, he is seeking an extension to his period in office. Others will have other questions. Why stay? Not for the salary surely? The pension of a Chief Judge is more than adequate for comfortable living.

For the prestige? A more possible explanation. Ex Chief Judges do not get invited where sitting ones do. Much less bowing and scraping if that is what takes your fancy. Suck it up CJ. We all become time expired and easily forgotten.

Or maybe delusions of grandeur or unequalled judicial competence? Too bad. We would just have to struggle on without a master mind in the CJ’s chair.

Personal pride? A serious character defect without which, if it is there, we would all be better off.

Finally the law itself as set out in the supreme law of Malaysia, the Constitution. As has been pointed out there is no way that such an extension could be granted constitutionally and if the Agong approved one he would be acting against the Constitution, by virtue of which he is Head of State.

Of course, as every Malaysian knows, arch criminal Prime Minister Najib heeds no law, Constitution or other and he will doubtless try to force through the requested extension. It would be good if he could state publicly why he is doing that. But don’t hold your breath waiting for an explanation.

Apart from anything else to do so would force him to explain why no other Malaysian judge is fit for this most senior judicial office. After all there is evidence that he paid RM 9 million to have Anwar Ibrahim jailed on fake charges so he must have confidence in the malleability of the judiciary if not in their professional ability.

A final word for Inche Raus. Your name means, in the German language, OUT!

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