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Chief Minister or chief Sycophant?

Abang Johari, Sarawak’s Chief Minister from Sarawak’s minority Malay community, has given proof positive that he is a Malay before he is a Sarawakian by stating that now is not the time to press for an increase in Sarawak’s absurdly low 5% share in the revenues from the State’s oil.

Putrajaya, having stolen this birth right of the people of Sarawak, will never willingly surrender it. The Federal budget and the Federal government would collapse without this revenue and UMNO would revert to being a party for impoverished rice planters.

This is the reason why, since Kuala Lumpur rid itself of the Iban Chief Minister Ningkan, the Chief Minister has always been a Malay or Melanau, despite these communities being a small minority of the Sarawak population.

That this has been possible to sustain is due to the massive corruption of former Chief Ministers Taib and Adenan both of whom were responsible for rigging state election after state election with the financial and organisational help of UMNO in Kuala Lumpur.

So when Johari tries to excuse his deliberate inactivity on behalf of the people that he is, falsely, supposed to represent by claiming “inappropriate time” he not only betrays his ignorance of the fact that there will never be an “appropriate time” so far as Putrajaya s concerned but also displays his collaboration with his fellow peninsular Malays to deprive the majority of Sarawakians of what is their rightful due.

Now that his predecessors have sold off, to their personal profit, virtually all of Sarawak’s other resource, timber, it is vitally important that the so badly needed development of the State be financed from its other resource, oil.

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