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Compatible with democratic practice?

Political lobbying is quite alright declares Minister Reezal Merican provided it is so compatible. What world is he living in? Does he think Najib is a democrat? Of the kind that buys elections perhaps.

Arch thief Najib has certainly done that and is presumably hoping to do it once more with GE 14. Lobbying is bribery by another name and legitimised in certain countries to allow the “democratic practice” so treasured by Reezal to be perverted without criminal penalty.

That certainly sits well with UMNO which has been an undemocratic organisation since its foundation, replacing democratic choice with racial prejudice and favouritism. In any case lobbying is a totally unnecessary practice in Malaysia where open and blatant bribery governs every action of the UMNO regime.

With a corrupt Prime Minister, a corrupt and ignorant Attorney General and a corrupt chief of the police who needs any other system to steal the public wealth.  So maybe a law to legitimise advisers in criminal practice would encourage Jho Low lookalikes to put their heads up in public view; as opposed to skulking on mega yachts bought with stolen public money.

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