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In a constitutional monarchy, which Malaysia currently is, Royal houses, all of which may in turn provide an holder of the office of Yang di Pertuan Agong, need to be extremely careful about public utterances. In particular such that may attract political interest since the Rulers are supposed to be above politics and controversial issues.

So it is somewhat surprising to see the Ruler of Selangor going public with criticism of a prominent politician and former Prime Minister. And over a matter of ancestry of all things! Whatever anyone may think about the history of the Bugis people, and views on that vary widely; to interpret remarks about Bugis pirates, who most certainly existed, as an insult to anyone of Bugis descent is ludicrous and raises doubts about whoever takes such umbrage.

Very many people, Malaysian and of other nationalities, have ancestors with doubtful reputations.What would be made of a public complaint by British Queen Elisabeth that someone had said something nasty about one io her ancestors? Of course she would never be so silly as to do that and there is a good example to follow.

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