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Corruption And Disunity!


Nab Minister Said Keruak can hardly open his mouth without putting both his feet in it. He has just done it again by warning against corruption and disunity which, he claimed, had led to the collapse of what he called Islamic Empires of the past.
Malaysia is not exactly an empire though it used to be a part of one. But the rule applies just the same. Corruption leads to disunity? True! Just look at the collapse of UMNO. Once the protector of the Malay community it has turned into the destroyer of it. What community, of any racial or religious kind, can give support to a bunch of criminals within it; stealing everything they can lay hands on?
Can the Minister answer that question? He will not even attempt the impossible. But he should at least admit that his warning is true of Malaysia. Corruption has produced disunity. And also disgust. The results of the coming election will prove this to be one hundred per cent true.And it will also rid us of this bad joke Minister responsible for trying to teach the electorate how to suck eggs.

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