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Where Indeed?

Not so long ago apparent arch liar and mega thief Najib addressed Felda settlers and made a series of extravagant promises of payments to them. Of assisted pilgrimage and other enticing handouts. He was, of course, buying votes.

But what you buy you have to pay for and Najib has not paid! So now the same settlers are asking where the money is that they were promised by this fake confidence trick huckster.

Exactly where is it? Hanging round the neck or on the fat fingers of Malaysia’s “first lady, as she would like to be known, if only there was no Agong. Or parked in foreign banks ready to support a fugitive ex Prime Minister? Najib knows but he will not tell the settlers that.

Nor will he pay what was promised for the simple reason that the money is not there. Najib knows that the game is up so why pay Felda settlers in the, vain, hope that he can thus buy their votes. The plain fact is that pay them or not they will not vote UMNO again. Everyone in the rural Malay community now knows that Najib is a thief, that UMNO is a corrupt and disgraced organisation and that they will sooner see snowfalls on their fields than the money Najib promised.

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